Sweet Flower Collection

The Sweet Flower Collection is characterized by the call of the nature by means of shapes, colors and decorations able to evoke enchanting natural landscapes. Glasses are made upon the ancient craftsman's techniques of Murano glass.


Available finishes: 24 kt gold and crystal.

Available items:
519/3 Chandelier 3 lights
519/5 Chandelier 5 lights
519/12 Chandelier 12 lights
519/PL40 Ceiling lamp 3 lights
519/PL50 Ceiling lamp 6 lights
519/PL70 Ceiling lamp 12 lights
519/A1 Wall sconce 1 light
519/A2 Wall sconce 2 lights
519/L Table lamp 1 light
519/L2 Table lam 2 lights
519/P3 Stand lamp 3 lights

12: series 940

Finishes: 24 kt golded finishes and flowers in ceramics

Items available (with or without lampshades):
12.940/6 chandelier 6 lights
12.940/6-P chandelier 6 lights
12.940/6-B chandelier 6 lights
12.941/2 wall sconce 2 lights
12.941/2-B wall sconce 2 lights
12.942/L2 table lamp 2 lights
12.943/P6 floor lamp 6 light
12.944/6 chandelier 6 lights


The collection is characterized by the strong call of the nature using handmade glasses, with typical floral decorations and pastel colors.
Available finishes: 24 kt gold, chrome, blue, white.
Flower cristal decoration with available detail in azure, blue, amber, red.
Available glasses: white, amber.

Available items:
650/3 CHR RED chandelier 3 lights
651/3 GOLD AM chandelier 3 lights
652/3 WHITE AM chandelier 3 lights
653/3 BLUE chandelier 3 lights
654/5 WHITE RED chandelier 5 lights
655/5 GOLD AM chandelier 5 lights
656/5 CHR chandelier 5 lights
657/5 BLUE chandelier 5 lights
658/L CHR RED table lamp 1 light
659/L WHITE RED table lamp 1 light
660/L WHITE AM table lamp 1 light
661/L GOLD AM table lamp 1 light
662/L CHR table lamp 1 light
663/L BLUE table lamp 1 light

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